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Payung Teduh lahir dari dua orang sahabat yang berprofesi sebagai pemusik di Teater Pagupon yang senang nongkrong bersama di kantin FIB (Fakultas Ilmu Budaya) Universitas Indonesia, mereka adalah Is dan Comi yang senang bermain musik bersama di kantin, selasar gedung kampus, tepi danau hingga event – event di luar kampus. Secara tidak sadar kebersamaan mereka dalam bermain musik telah menguatkan karakter bermusik mereka dan telah disadari bagi orang-orang sekitar yang sering menyaksikan mereka bermain musik bersama. Payung Teduh terbentuk pada akhir 2007 di Jakarta, Indonesia dengan formasi awal Is dan Comi, sadar akan eksplorasi bunyi dan performa panggung pada tahun...
Gud Gud Stockholm, Sweden .
Jonatan Leandoer Håstad (born 18 July 1996), better known by his stage name Yung Lean, is a Swedish rapper and record producer. Yung Lean has released two mixtapes, and multiple singles to YouTube under his label Sad Boys Entertainment, including "Ginseng Strip 2002", "Kyoto", and "Yoshi City". Born in Stockholm and growing up in the city's Södermalm district, Yung Lean began to attract public attention when the music video for his track "Ginseng Strip 2002" skyrocketed in popularity and succeeded over 2 million views on YouTube. He performs and records with the 'Sad Boys' — beatmakers/producer Yung Sherman and Yung...
Jasiel William Robinson (born April 2, 1983 in College Park, Georgia), better known by his stage name Yung Joc, is a Grammy award nominated American rapper signed to Bad Boy South and Atlantic Records. Despite the rumors, he is not related to rapper Young Jeezy. He released his debut album, New Joc City, in 2006 and his second album, Hustlenomics, was released in 2007. He released his third studio album, Grind Flu, online for free in August 2009. He owns two automobile-related companies, as well as a sunglasses line which will be debuting soon called Claudio St. James. Joc has...
odaxelagnia is an electronic music project started in 2009. Used to focus mostly on producing heavily breakcore-influenced music (and sample-based, known as mashcore), but sometimes experiments with other styles, most notably chiptune, and reportedly slowly shifting away from *core music. They released albums and splits through various netlabels (such as DANCE CORPS), as well as a physical (CD) album on KyokudoCore Records. They also submitted tracks for compilation albums (for example J-CORE MASTERZ on MOB SQUAD BLACK LABEL). odaxelagnia disbanded in 2012, and came back later in 2015 with undisclosed but changed lineup. Members of odaxelagnia have also been involved...
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Xela Bitch
forever fatal (prod. mitsa)
Fed Boy
Down and Up [Prod. Yung JZA]
Fuck The Feds
Doin Me
Shinjuku Noir [Prod. Danny Wolf & Y$57]
Study Buddy
Forever Fatal (feat. Yung Bruh)
Down & Up [Prod. Yung JZA] (First Written Track)
Samurai Black [Prod. White Osiris]
Houdini [Prod. GodDamnChan]
Am I Tripping?
Doin Me
Gimme the Sheets [Prod. White Osiris]
Fed Boy (Screwed by SanGlad)
Fed Boy BASS
What it Do
Zoom (Barry Allen)
Razorblade Respect
Tripping in the Dark
Who You Tryna Fool?
Through The Forest [Prod. YNG SAD x LUCIFEAR]
Trippy Lean [Prod. Yung Wulf]
say she prod black mayo
Fed Boy
Forever Fatal
Back on the Move
missing person
Dark Freeway
Trap Phone
Head and Shoulders
Triple Beam [Prod. MYRROR]
Fed Boy
30 Clip [Prod. Vizcxr]
Pop That
Surface [Prod. YNG SAD]
Wilin (feat. Versace Chachi)
1080pLSD (ft. Jimmy V)