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Crystal Fighters are an English/Spanish electronic band who formed in London, United Kingdom in 2007. They are Sebastian (lead vocals, guitar), Gilbert (electronics, guitars, txalaparta, percussion) and Graham (guitar/ txalaparta), plus Laure and Mimi (vocals). Sebastian and Gilbert were old friends, while Gilbert and Graham met through various parties. The three then began making music under various guises before being joined by Laure and Mimi. The band now play with a live drummer. The group took their name ‘Crystal Fighters’ from an unfinished opera which Laure’s grandfather had penned during his final months of insanity. Laure came across the manuscript...
Foo Fighters are an American rock band formed by singer/guitarist/drummer Dave Grohl in 1995 in Seattle, USA. Grohl formed the group as a one-man project after the dissolution of his previous band Nirvana in 1994. Prior to the release of Foo Fighters in 1995, Grohl drafted Nate Mendel (bass), William Goldsmith (drums) (both of Sunny Day Real Estate and The Fire Theft), and Pat Smear (guitar) (of The Germs) to complete the group. Goldsmith left during the recording of the group's second album The Colour and the Shape (1997), soon followed by Smear. They were replaced by Taylor Hawkins and...
Dream Fighters is an eurobeat alias for Davide Di Marcantonio. Singles: Stormbringer. .
THE PRIZEFIGHTERS are Minnesota's first and only Traditional Ska, Rocksteady, and Skinhead Reggae band. The band started out as a solo project of Aaron Porter, aka Lord Grab and Flee in 2004. After a few years of recording all the tracks and playing all the instruments, THE PRIZEFIGHTERS came together in 2006. Matt Morse and Jordan Porter enlisted from Aaron's other band, GYLBOTS. Tim (Tooth) Freeman stepped up to the drums, quickly learning the Jamaican drumming styles essential to playing Traditional Jamaican music. Despite the devious misgivings of the group, OJ (Whitney Olsen) of the big apple (valley) now lends...
Starfighters are a hard rock/heavy metal band from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement founded in Birmingham, England in 1979. They attracted a strong British cult following but were not able to translate this into any lasting success. Career: Initially called Savage, they changed their name to Starfighters and released the single "I'm Falling" on independent label, Motor City Rhythm Records. This original line-up consisted of Steve Burton (vocals), Pat Hambly (guitar) Stevie Young (guitar), Doug Dennis (bass) and Spencer Scrannage (drums). They were then signed up by Jive Records (a part of Zomba), who wanted to cash...
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Run (Originally Performed by Foo Fighters)
Everlong (Made Famous by Foo Fighters)
My Hero Foo Fighters
La Dee Da
La Dee Da
Foo Fighter
My Hero Foo Fighters, Pt..1
My Hero (Made Famous By The Foo Fighters)
That Guy from Nirvana Is Now with the Foo Fighters
Run - Tribute to Foo Fighters
Foo Fighter
Foo Fighters at 12 O'clock High
Breakout (Originally Performed by Foo Fighters)
Rope (Karaoke Version)
Foo Fighters
Everlong (1997) [8-Bit Foo Fighters Emulation]
Everlong (Made Famous by Foo Fighters)
푸드 파이터 Food Fighter
Everlong (Originally Performed by Foo Fighters)
My Hero (1997) [8-Bit Foo Fighters Emulation]
Up in Arms (Originally Performed by Foo Fighters)
Cloudspotter (16-Bit Foo Fighters Emulation)
Waiting on a War (8-Bit Foo Fighters Emulation)
Big Me (Originally Performed by Foo Fighters)
Tragedy (8-Bit Foo Fighters Emulation)
Run (Originally Performed by Foo Fighters)
Tragedy (16-Bit Foo Fighters Emulation)