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The Yellow Monkey (ザイエローモンキー), often abbreviated to yemon (イエモン), is a popular Japanese rock band formed in 1989. Its name derives from an ethnic slur and is an ironic reference to the belief that Japanese rock groups could never be "authentic". In 2003, HMV Records Japan rated them #81 in their "Top 100 Japanese pops Artists". Although band activities were ceased starting from January 2001, except for later releases of band material such as compilations and DVDs, The Yellow Monkey actually broke up on July 7, 2004. THE YELLOW MONKEY(ザ イエローモンキー)は、吉井和哉(LOVIN、ボーカル、ギター)、菊地英昭(EMMA、ギター)、廣瀬洋一(HEESEY、ベース)、菊地英二(ANNIE、ドラムス)の4名からなる日本のロックバンド。 1988年に結成、2001年1月より活動を停止し、2004年7月7日をもって解散した。 なお「イエローモンキー」とは主に西洋圏で使用される日本人に対する蔑称である。この名前は、ダサくてシニカルな名前にしたいと考えていた吉井によってつけられた。略称は、イエモン。 吉井和哉(よしい かずや、1966年10月8日 - ) ボーカル担当。通称ロビン(LOVIN)。東京都北区出身。解散後はYOSHII LOVINSON(2006年に吉井和哉に改名)として活動。  菊地英昭(きくち...
Yellow Claw is a DJ and record production duo from Amsterdam, Netherlands. The group consists of Jim Aasgier (Jim Taihuttu) and Nizzle (Nils Rondhuis). Their music is a mix of wide range of genres and often incorporates elements from trap, hip hop, dubstep, hardstyle and moombahton. Yellow Claw first gained popularity in the middle of 2010, after founding and hosting a night party at one of Amsterdam's most famous night clubs, the Jimmy Woo. During 2012 and 2013, they released a number of successful singles, which charted on the Dutch and Belgian national charts: "Krokobil", "Nooit Meer Slapen", "Thunder" and...
DON'T EVER VOTE FOR US!! Trying to live up to the standards set by the good old days of sheffield music, its been a major uphill struggle for this group of shambolic shamsters. they have overcome your wet noise free nextdoor neighbours, horrible playground beatings and the taunts of wicked schoolgirls...they're laughable, they're live, they're legless...........ladies and gentlemen..i give you THE YELL! whatever. .
Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO) is an influential Japanese electropop band, formed in 1978. They are renowned as a major influence in popular music, and for pioneering the electropop music genre. The principal members are Haruomi Hosono (bass), Yukihiro Takahashi (drums) and Ryuichi Sakamoto (keyboards). The band was originally conceived as a one-off studio project by Hosono, the other two members being recruited session musicians - the idea was to produce an album fusing orientalist exotica (cf their cover version of Martin Denny's Firecracker) with modern electronics. However the first album (with its cutting-edge production) was very popular, and the studio...
Yellow Studs is a Japanese rock band formed in 2003. Their distinctive sound combines elements from genres such as garage rock, jazz and rockabilly. The band has cited Björk, BLANKEY JET CITY and Simon & Garfunkel as notable musical influences. Although they mainly focus on the Tokyo area as far as live activities go, they occasionally tour throughout the country. Members: 野村太一 (Nomura Taichi) – Vocals, keys 奥平隆之 (Okudaira Takayuki) – Guitar 野村良平 (Nomura Ryohei) – Guitar 植田大輔 (Ueda Daisuke) – Bass 前川和彦 (Maekawa Kazuhiko) – Drums .
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The Hurt Is Gone
Surface Of The Sun
Be The Young
Sleep In The Snow
Yellow Submarine
The Brown and the Yellow Ale
The Sound Of You And Me
The Yellow King
Galactic Theater
What Does The Fox Say?
Experimental Evidence
Liquid Tensions
The Yellow Rose of Texas
Tie A Yellow Ribbon
Be The Young
Yellow (Cover)
The Last Trip
Rebel Yell
Tie A Yellow Ribbon 'round The Old Oak Tree
The Yellow Rose of Texas
Greenhouse Effect
The Hurt Is Gone (Acoustic)
Are You Lost In The World Like Me?
The King in Yellow