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Bis is a name of at least six bands: (1) A Scottish electro pop/twee band. (2) A Japanese punk idol girl group. (3) A Japanese pop-punk band (alternative tag: bis). (4) A Russian rock band. (5) A Dutch band (aka bis!). (6) A Russian pop duo. 1 A Scottish electro pop/twee band popular in the 1990s (stylised bis). They formed in 1994 with their name derived from The The's "Twilight of a Champion" lyric, "Black Iron Skyline". Members included: Steven Clark (vocals, guitar - aka Sci-fi Steven), John Clark (vocals, bass - aka John Disco) and Amanda MacKinnon (vocals, keyboards...
Biscaya was a Swedish hard rock / heavy metal band from Gothenburg who released their one and only album on RCA Records in 1983, an album that would also see a Japanese release. .
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Полёт шмеля
Bis zum Schluss
Tanz bis zum Ende
Bis zum letzten Atemzug
Bis ans Ende der Welt
The Seasons Op 37b
Kennington Where It Started
1000 KM bis zum Meer
Bis zum Hals in der Scheiße