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There are several artists using the name "Cloud 9." 1. Cloud 9 is the alias used by drum and bass artist Nookie a.k.a. Gavin Cheung (Discography) 2. NY house producer Victor Simonelli used this alias on his 1993 deep house 12" "Do You Want Me." 3. Cloud 9 is a hip-hop band from Long Island/Monroe. 4. Brighton based Hip-Hop producer, who has worked with the likes of Concept Of Thought. 5. Nujazz Project on Acid Jazz Records, they did one album in 1993 called 'Millenium', it was produced by Mark Brydon who later formed Moloko together with singer Róisín Murphy...
Mighty Clouds is a new project that finds Fred Thomas re-teaming with Betty Marie Barnes, a singer who provided vocals for Saturday Looks Good To Me's Every Night and Fill Up the Room. .
Dave McLoud (sometimes also spelled as Dave Mc Loud) is an alias of eurobeat artist David Di Marcantonio, who also performed under other stage names such as Lou Grant, J. Rush or David Dima. Several of his songs were featured in the Initial D (頭文字D) anime series. .
Cloudbirds began writing and recording after their previous project, The M’s(Polyvinyl). Keeping the same studio space, an old Salvation Army Church on Chicago’s North side, the three started a new approach to writing and recording. Simplifying, they traded fuzzed-out electronics, bombastic drums and psych guitar riffs for acoustic guitars and little to no effects. This allowed for their three part vocal harmonies to chime on top of the instrument melodies. The result is folk music with a touch of country and some pop, blending old and new. Cloudbirds are currently working on their second collection of songs with hope of...
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Wind And Cloud (Suanda 118) [Exclusive]
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SOLD | Fahrenheit / 120 bpm / Daniel Silver, Drake