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The Chevelles are still a great big POWER POP band with loads of guitar action and heaps of soaring harmonies. From day one the critics have raved and the kids of the confection generation have danced and screamed... from their hometown of Perth right across to Europe, USA and South America. In 1992 their debut Album “Kids Ain’t Hip” heralded the arrival of a new power pop force in Australia. With blistering guitars, soaring harmonies and a kick ass live show the band has blazed a significant musical trail over the last 14 years in many corners of the world....
Chevelle Franklyn has emerged on the gospel music scene as one of the most outstanding Ministers of Music over the past nine years. Her energy as a performer, insight as a songwriter/producer, vocal capacity as a singer, and her anointing as a worshiper has ensured her success as a leading, international, multiple award-winning Psalmist. As a child prodigy in the industry, Chevelle recorded her first single – “Here I Am” produced by Rohan Harrison –and it was released in her early teens. Public reaction to its debut was incredibly positive and indicated that Chevelle had a future in the industry....
Very popular throughout the Southwest, the Chevelle Five competed in a Battle of the Bands and for the grand prize won a trip to Hollywood in 1967. While there they recorded the classic “Dangling Little Friends” – a great, lush song that differed greatly from the group’s earlier “garage band” sound. Lead guitarist Jack Chisholm had written the song, and along with songwriting partner Tommy Nixon composed many of the band’s original compositions. Here are his recollections of his time spent with the Chevelle Five. I first got interested when I heard a friend playing the theme song to old...
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68 Chevelle
Go in Your Strength
Don't Put Me Off
Don't Put Me Off
Rock and Roll Chevelle
Mr. Loverman
Miss Chevelle (feat. Tamara Mack)
Chevelle Music 2
'70 Chevelle
Shake It Off (feat. Chevelle Franklyn)
We Winning (feat. Dana Chevelle)
Old Chevelle
The Splendour (feat. Chevelle Franklyn)
The Repay (feat. Dana Chevelle)
The Splendour (Reprise) [feat. Chevelle Franklyn]
Good Life (feat. Dana Chevelle)
Soft Top Chevelle
My Helper (feat. Chevelle Franklyn)
'68 Chevelle (2010 version)
Chevelle Lane
Kill My Flesh (feat. Chevelle Franklyn)
Smokey Chevelle
'68 Chevelle
Send The Pain Below
The North Corridor (2016)
Mr. Loverman (feat. Chevelle Franklin) 432Hz
Chevelle (Original Mix)
Blank Earth
Joyride (Omen)
The Red (Cover by Halocene)