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ALX was a Toronto pop band. The band consisted of keyboardist Kelly McMicheal (Rogue, Kelly McMichael & The Gloss, RENDERS), keyboardist/guitarists Maddy Wilde (Spiral Beach, Moon King), drummer Kieran Adams (DIANA), and vocalist/keyboardist Alexandra Hughes (formerly Allie Hughes, now performing under Allie X). The band was formed in March 2012 and disbanded by July. The only recording released under ALX is I Will Love You More, although the band performed more unique material live. .
FâLX çèrêbRi is an experimental industrial project started in Berlin, Germany in 1983 by Graf Haufen aka Karsten Rodemann. The first two cassette releases (a three-track 10 minute demo and a 60-minute full-length album) were released on Graf Haufen tapes. The later was licensed to a dozen other labels worldwide and was re-released on CDr by Korm Plastics in 1999 with additional bonus live cuts. The original project was put to rest in 1985 after several conceptual recordings involving field recordings and microphone scans as it was felt to have reached the outer limits of acoustic experimentation possible at that...
One of many monikers used by Richard D. James (Aphex Twin). .
There are at least 2 artists performing as DJ Alx: 1. Dj Alx is a Russian DJ. Alexander was born in October, 1981, Russia, Yoshkar-Ola. He started DJ art experience in 1999 at one of the local night club. The music played by Alexander is very different: discohouse, club house, electro house, electro-tech, tech-house, deep techno, minimal, deep house, etc... But it's always compiled and mixed well! More info (Russian Language only): 2. DJ Alx is a greek hip-hop DJ and producer. He was born in 1975 in Detroit, Michigan. He was a founding member of the greek hip-hop...
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Everything Would Be Fine
Sleep Paralysis 2
Dead Whore
Everything Would Be Fine
Everything Would Be Fine
Sleep Paralysis 2
Everything Would Be Fine 3
Everything Would Be Fine, Pt. 2
Half Moon
Олег Соколов
Long Time No See
Real Love
Not So Fine
Strange Shit
Fell in Love
Black Market
Nexus Gang
Dark Mode
Like a Hyde
Frozen Tears
Pop Tabs
Почему ты такая?
Everything Would Be Fine 2
Wavy Visuals
Take My Heart
Clxwn in Mxte
Dead Silence
Sad Party
Dancing Inside Out
All You Need Is Kill
Still in love with U (Sunshine Mashup)
Cuts on the hands