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From http://rektor.no: Welcome to Rektor Headquarters in Oslo, Norway, where soothing vocals, interstellar synth sweeps, catchy refrains and aggressive guitars are blended. Rektor has carefully grown its own soundscape, situated somewhere between house, electropop and rock. An enchanting sonic terrain. The last six months have been spent in collaboration with producer Jan-Tore Diesen, also known as Igor from the norwegian act Bermuda Triangle. The result of their joint forces is the coming Princess EP. The Princess tune is a real flirt with the enjoyable c64-aesthetics. Rektor shows its most electronical side ever, supplying your ears with a loving rapper trapped...
Eine Mischung aus emotionalem Gesang und Shoutings, brachialen Gitarrenriffs und eingängigen Melodien, einer Rhythmusfraktion die ihresgleichen sucht und einem DJ der den Begriff abwechslungsreiches Songwriting neu definiert� Begeistertes Publikum auf rund 70 Konzerten und Veranstaltungen verschiedenster Größenordnungen. Unter anderem auch als Support von Such A Surge, Emil Bulls oder Dog Eat Dog und H-Blockx� Präsenz in TV und Rundfunk, erfolgreiche Teilnahmen an nationalen und internationalen Wettbewerben sowie Cd-Produktionen - SEKTOR 7 verfolgen ihren Weg enthusiastisch und konsequent. Der Sektor brennt�am besten live! Kompromisslos! .
Prljavi Inspektor Blaža i Kljunovi (in English, "The Dirty Inspector Blazha and Honchos" is a popular Serbian rock band. The lyrics of their songs more often than not lean on the humorous side. The frontman is Igor Blazevic, a.k.a. Inspector Blazha .
Vektor is a progressive thrash metal band, originally formed in Arizona in 2004 but relocated to Philadelphia in mid-2012 and currently based there. They released their debut full length "Black Future" in November 2009, and the follow up "Outer Isolation" in December 2011 (both on Heavy Artillery Records, now defunct). These albums were re-released when the band joined Earache Records, and the band continued sporadically performing and touring in 2012 and 2013 with the likes of Napalm Death, Municipal Waste, Exhumed, Absu, Cattle Decapitation, and many more. They've done multiple headlining tours across the US as well. Their planned 3rd...
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Nejsi Na To Stavěnej
All in
Chce to vycejtit moment
10 - Pull up (feat. Dollar Prync)
Moje Práce
Kdo Si Ty
Soul (Original Mix)
Cizí tváře
Loket z vokna
Distante (Original Mix)
All In
Pravo zit
Nasávat Ten Vibe
Number 1
Axé Acapella (Remix Oficial)
Efekt feat. Rytmus (prod. Dj Wich)
02 - Prijdu sam
Change Sound (Original Mix)
01 - Traphouse
Néé (feat. Strapo)
Nohy v pěst
13 - Nikdy zpatky
11 - Novej den
Novej den
Drep (prod.Dj Wich)
Klub (prod. Konex)
Teď tady
Vidim to jako včera
Krysy feat. Momo
12 - Jako ja