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Nikos started studying music at the age of nine at the Yamaha Music School. After completing his courses he took up teaching at the same school, something he did for two years. Around the same time, 1989, he started working as a DJ. At a time when jazz, funk and acid house were blooming, Nikos found himself influenced and seduced by house. In 1998 he was still DJing but it was at that time when he started producing music as well. Chronology: 1999: First release as "House Perfume" by Coda Records Greece. 2002: First album, titled "Deeper Perfume" as Niikie...
Nikos started getting involved with music (as a listener) at a young age.They said that he had the talent to play the tracks he listened,easily,in a small electronic piano.They told him "Do you wanna go to a piano school?".He was scared about the idea,so he decided to let go of this opportunity.He grew up having quality tastes in music.He was about 14 years old when he got in that "new electronic scene" of music.He firstly discovered some artists and his love made him search a lot around electronic genres.He started buying vinyls & CD's and playing as a DJ in...
Νίκος Μαμαγκάκης {Nikos Mamangakis} is a Greek composer. Mamangakis was born in Rethimno, Crete. He attended lessons at the Greek Conservatory of Athens, and continued studying musical composition with Carl Orff and H. Gedamer in Munich, and electronic music at the SIEMENS Electronic Music Studio with Josef Anton Riedl. He received various scholarships from the Greek government, the Supreme Music Academy of Munich and the city of Berlin (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst). He began his career in the late 1980s, using early electronics in an original and personal way. His style was based in part on elements of traditional Greek culture,...
Νίκος Πορτοκάλογλου (Nikos Portokaloglou) is a greek musician. He was born in Volos in 30 December 1957. When he was 4 years old, his family moved to Athens. In the second grade of junior high school in 1970 he acquires his first guitar and with the help of method of practical learning, plus a sudden personal passionate drive, he starts to study for hours playing songs from records by ear. Around 1973 – 1974, with some of his friends from school they created a band and started performing covers of songs of that particular era. His first songs with Greek...
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Konta Sou
Ego O Dinatos
An Eisai Ena Asteri 2017
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Na Chamogelaso
An Eisai Ena Asteri
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An Eisai Agapi
Na Xamogelaso
Eimai Mazi Sou
Ena Psema
Pos Na To Exigiso
Asteri Mou
Emena Na Akous
Ego O Dinatos
Skase Ena Fili
Skase Ena Fili
Skase Ena Fili
Skase Ena Fili
De Me Skeftesai
Poso Me Pligoses
Etsi Ine O Erotas
Kopika Sta Dyo
Σ' Αγαπάω
To Parti
Prosehe kala
Paraitoumai Apo Sena
Eline Kai Edene
Giati To Metanionis
Without Dreams
Pos Tolmas
Min Argeis
An Eisai Ena Asteri (⇨ remix)
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