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Solids may refer to: 1) A rock band from Montreal, Canada. 2) An Australian improv trio. 3) A Japanese fictional idol group. 1) Solids are Xavier Germain-Poitras & Louis Guillemette. The duo formed in 2009 in Montreal and have since released an EP called 'Generic Dogs EP'. It's available on their Bandcamp. 2) "A mass exodus of Perth characters to Melbourne in the mid-'90's led to (Julian) Williams forming classic Australian improv trio Solids. Beginning as a warped, wracked pop outfit, whose early releases betrayed strong influences from The Fall and other early '80's acts whose music expanded from pop...
There are 3 Bands named Solid. 1. Solid are a Portuguese Hardcore band. Members: .Guitar/Back Vocals - Cláudio .Bass/Back Vocals - André .Guitar - Ricardo .Drums - Mapelo .Synth - Teófilo 2.Solid is a band from Jena, Germany which started as a crossover band but soon changed their sounds into a wider range of indie, emo and rock. Members: - Christoph (vocals, guitar) - Carsten (guitar, vocals) - Jule (bass, vocals) - Sam (drums) Former Members: - Beck (1999-2002) The band was formed in 1999 by Christoph (vox, g), Carsten (g, vox) and bassist Beck. Drummer Sam joined them later...
All male, 8 member Japanese group who are all over 180cm. SOLIDEMO is the combination of two words to mean SOLID = Cool EMO = Emotional [Totally Cool and Emotional]. On one side a cool dignified face, and the other singing romantic feminine songs, these are the two faces of SOLIDEMO that gave rise to their name. Akito Teshima, who won the grand prize in the artist category in "avex audition MAX 2013" on Apr. 17th, 2013, will join as a member. He held the periodic one-man show "SOLIDEMO LIVE" at Shibuya DESEO in July 2013. Even before his debute,...
Solidisco is the fastest growing name in disco house music. With a fresh recipe that revitalizes the classic house sound with today's musical trends, it's no surprise they're gaining popularity at unprecedented speeds. The duo has DJed club nights alongside heavyweights such as Diplo and Steve Aoki, their records have been supported by the likes of A-Trak and Laidback Luke, and have been heard on the airwaves of BBC Radio One. The trademark Solidisco sound was born when the two met DJing in their local area of Buffalo, NY. Since then they've quickly earned numerous Beatport chart positions, releases on...
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Upside Down
Solid Ground
Solid Love
Give Me Time
In My Heart
Bo Me Nwom
Solid Liquid
Natural Union
Solid Stigma
Solid Ground
Take Away
Sky and Earth
Solid Ground
Fresh Avenues
Tears and Joy
Face to Face
Rising Again
Open Arms
Nothing More
Solid Mass
Nasib Pengamen
Video Screens
Steel of Walls
Solid Number
Unforgettable Names
Solid Gone
Solid State
Solid Stigma
Solid Soul
Zavírám Krám
Solid State
Darkened Glass
A New Darkness