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There are 2 bands with the name Relax: * Dutch hiphop band from Haarlem, created in 1998 by singer Llewy Is Sel. The band is known by the way it brings hiphop, live with a band. The band frequenty tours and plays festivals like Lowlands, Drum Rhythm, North sea jazz, Liberationpop and Racism beat it. In 2002 their first album was released, 'Live @ Panama'. The album was recorded at this club with a live audience and was one of the first bands to debut with a live album. 'Live is the best' was the motive to record their first...
Rancho Relaxo as we know it was born from parties that began in 1994. The first party took place one fateful Saturday night at the infamous Limelight Club in NYC. Abe Duque wanted to “try something different”. He wanted to create a party with a different concept. After some convincing club owner Peter Gatien allowed him use of the “Arcadia Room”. So, Abe asked all his “electronic music friends" to come, each with at least 1 electronic music device and jam. In “Arcadia” there was simply a table with a mixer and a couple of effect units. And whiskey. The...
Rancho Relaxo was formed back in 2002, when Inge Kjetil Sandvik Malmedal bought an old 70s Crumar organ from his neighbor, and with his electric guitar and a 4-track tape machine, he started to make music. Then Martin Schram, a longtime friend, joined in on the organ and they started to tape hours and hours of improvised music. The music was a mix between the noise of Sonic Youth, melodies of Jesus and Mary chain and the drone of Spacemen 3. Droning guitar, monolithic organ and sometimes howling vocals; the style came naturally. Soon Khalil Olsen, another long time friend...
No Relax is a band formed during a joint tour of Ska-P and B.D.P. in 2004 (Bambole Di Pezza) in Italy, where two protagonists Joxemi and Micky have met. They have released two albums, "Gridalo!" (2004) and "Virus de rebelión" (2006), both being Punk-Rock at base mixed with Swing, Reggae and other genres. The last one comes in two languages - Italian and Spanish, for Europe and Latin America. Their lyrics affect wide range of problems from social and ecological problems, to animal rights, to personal feelings and introspection. .
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Som de Chuva sem Trovoadas, Pt. 15
Relaxing Pink Noise for Bedtime
Бэйби, релакс
Lo-fi (Relax)
Девочка релакс
Музыка для релакса
Дым бомбим (Relax Bass Mix)
Som de Chuva sem Trovoadas, Pt. 08
Relax del Mar Continuous Cafe
Relax, Take It Easy (Cover)
baby lullabies for sleep music
natural sleep aid
newborn baby lullabies
music for children
Sleep and Relaxation
Background Music
Потому что (Relax)
Relaxing White Noise for Felines
Замороженная тундра