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Starving Weirdos are from Northern California's lost coast, a sleepy hamlet surrounded by five hours of wilderness in all directions. They are a wild and desperate style music band. They dig on the quiet and natural beauty that defines their environs and try to carry the same spirit of dignity mixed with brute force and docile felicity as it appears to them daily. No discord and no harmony. 1998 - present .
Hip-hop crew from Detroit, Flint and Holly, Michigan comprised of emcees SP, Brainstorm, IQ and DJ Phizyx. Their first and only LP To Date (Up Pops the SAC) was released in 2004. The SAC performed their final show in August 2005. Taken from their official myspace page: "SP and Ike met up in the later 90s and started working toegether. SP ran into Phiz at St. Andrews one friday and gave him a tape he had done called "Beat Poetry". Phiz liked it and was inducted into the group shortly after. Brainstorm was a later addition to the group...
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It's Too Late To Call The Police
It's Too Late To Call The Police
Starving Spirits Unleashed
It's Too Late To Call The Police
Starved for Perversion
Sedatives (Starving Insect Remix)
Don't Starve
Flesh Puppets
Starved To Death
Hysterical Starving Naked
Starving Serpent
Starving For Gold
Starving (Iman Omari Remix) [feat. Iman Omari]
In Love With (AZEN Remix)
Stack or Starve
Sex Starved