Gothic | en

Gothic music is a style of music originating from post-punk and having dark, dim or haunting tones, sounds, imagery, and usually spooky or morbid lyrics. It tends to be used in many genres such as rock, punk, alternative, darkwave, ambient, industrial, ebm and metal.

Subgenres of gothic music:
Deathrock, a hybrid of punk rock and gothic rock with echoing guitars, creepy but clean vocals, creepy and haunting sounds and usually morbid lyrics.
Darkwave, gothic rock and new wave combined.
Gothic metal, a gothic rock-influenced subgenre of metal music. With a dark sound of gothic rock with the pure heaviness of heavy metal usually having deep vocals and powerful and dim lyrics.
cybergoth, a style of post-industrial music that grew out of the ebm, dark electro and industrial rock genres of music in late 2000s.

Example bands:
The Sisters of Mercy. The Sisters of mercy are quite an early gothic rock band, lending themselves to the genre with high, dark vocals and haunting sounds.
The Sin:Decay. The Sin:Decay are an industrial/cyber gothic band. Although they are not a very well known band, they stand out among other bands with their unique approach in creating music that sounds dark and dim.
Midnight Syndicate A band from Ohio formed by 2 music composers. They create Halloween themed orchestral music. Very much a justification to the gothic music scenes more horror inspirations.
Velvet Acid Christ an invigorating mixture of industrial, darkwave, and gothic rock. This band crafts brutally dark and lyrics with multiple genres.
Bauhaus With their dark and haunting sound and image, Bauhaus are the pioneers of gothic rock.