goregrind | en

A subgenre of grindcore that takes the concept of grindcore to further extremes. Goregrind and the other sub-genres of grindcore can sometimes be confused, but there are some distinct differences.

1) The lyrical content of the songs are usually very gore-related, awash with medical terms, and other stomach-churning bodily functions. While the others sub-genres of grindcore can talk about such subjects, the others sub-genres of grindcore tends to focus its lyrical content more on political issues.
For example, the goregrind band Last Days of Humanity's songs focus on these gore-related topics, with titles such as "In Advanced Haemorrhaging Conditions", "Covered With Feces as Decoration", and "Cataleptic Liver Explosion".

2) The most obvious difference between goregrind and the others sub-genres of grindcore is its use of pitch-shifted vocals, which creates an extremely low gurgle noise. This noise can be compared to a deep belch. Due to this, the lyrics are generally rendered incomprehensible.

3) The guitar riffs and overall sound have more of a "metal" feel or are more centered around groove than the other sub-genres of grindcore, which has more of a hardcore punk-dominated sound.

However, they are similar in many ways. Both tend to have very short songs, and are very fast, chaotic, and the lyrics are typically difficult, if not impossible, to comprehend.