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D-Shot is the brother of fellow Bay Area artist E-40. D-Shot made his debut along with his brother and sister and cousin in a group called "The Click". .

Mga Track

D-Shot - Punk Ass Nigga
D-Shot - Crooked Cops
D-Shot - Wheels
D-Shot - The Shot Loves To Fuck
D-Shot - When the Money Was Flowin'
D-Shot - Cops Revisited
D-Shot - Call Me on the Under
D-Shot - You Ain't Shit
D-Shot - Fuck A Ho
D-Shot - Porno Star II (Remix)
D-Shot - Players Break
D-Shot - They Call Him Shot
D-Shot - Duck
D-Shot - Out Tha' Pen
D-Shot - Great Britain International... Head/Lee/Own
D-Shot - I'll Be Your Friend
D-Shot - One More Shot
D-Shot - True Worldwide Playaz
D-Shot - It's Ma Thing
D-Shot - Six Figures
D-Shot - Huckleberry Hotline
D-Shot - (I'll Be Yo') Huckleberry
D-Shot - Is It Cool To Fuck
D-Shot - Reversal Interlude