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Two-man band from Czechia, born in the heart of Jihlava in 1995. Fusing elements of dark ambient music with tribal and IDM samples and inspired by western civilizations (particularly the Mayan religion) the duo began their public uprising two years later following increasing public performances. The band was revitalized after the release of second album 'Hávamál', which was later presented at the X-Industrial Festival in Prague and signed to Epidemie Records shortly after to release third album, 'Lamat'. The band later began recording fourth album 'Agartta', which was released by Slovak label Aliens Productions during early 2011 and featured remix...
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Svetlonos (Psylocibe Mix)
Andropoid [Kenji Siratori]
Jagajlo Gan - Mix (T.R.)
Supové Ega
Mistnost-101 - Room 101
Runa - Pertho