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Blane is a four-piece band from Seattle, WA. Formed by high school friends Chris Bateson, Chip Burgess, and Chris Paxton, the band went through numerous lineup changes until landing second guitarist, Rory Menteer.

The band began writing an entire batch of new songs and in February of 2004, Blane entered Johnny Cab Studios with producer Casey Bates (Gatsby's American Dream, This Providence, Forgive Durden). The recording process was a learning experience for Blane, bringing a new level of seriousness to the band.

In the summer of 2004, Blane set out on their first west coast tour with close friends, This Providence. The tour only fueled their desire to share their music with people all across the country. Over the next year, college plans and day jobs were tossed by the wayside as Blane set out as much as possible on self-booked tours with one goal in mind - to continue to develop their ever-growing fan base.

Only a year later, Blane once again entered Johnny Cab Studios with Casey Bates. What resulted were 6 of the deepest, clearest, and best songs they had ever produced. With a new confidence, the band released their songs online through the websites Myspace and Purevolume. The response the band received has far surpassed their initial expectations, and has since gained them countless new fans.

Recently signing with Less Avenged Records, Blane will be releasing their EP "This Is My Town" in April 2006. In support of the EP, the band will continue to tour, as much as possible; winning over people's hearts with charisma, impressive songwriting, and a live show that grasps the attention of any audience - whether it's 5 kids or 500. Blane is not
your typical rock band, this is Gentlemen's Rock.

Chris Bateson - Vocals/Guitar
Chris Paxton - Bass
Rory Menteer - Guitar
Chip Burgess - Drums