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Fiordmoss began making music in 2008 in Czech Republic. Their sound is a mixture of their diverse roots and influences including traditional song-writing, electronic and dance music, rock and pop principles. Since 2012 the members Petra Hermanová, Roman Přikryl and Jan Boroš relocated from Czech Republic to Berlin where the Norwegian musician and house producer Jon-Eirik Boska joined the band as their drummer.
The story goes like this: 'After an accidental midnight fire that has burnt all his vinyls and also her guitar they found they want to work together to make a new history. He used to spin vinyls and compose minimal music when home alone. Her stories are obsessions with lives of others, symbols, words and all surreal. On their way they met two friends; one of them when her fragile hands gave up while playing a tiger song, the other one to give the songs a heartbeat. Two becomes three becomes four — air is water is earth is fire.'