Fire Fly

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So where did it all begin? Back in the 1990's Simon and Mark first met. Simon played bass for Seventh Angel and Mark was lead vocalist and bass guitarist for Detritus. The bands shared many a stage and a record label and soon became good friends. When both bands had run their course Simon began a project called Amaranth involving his sister (soon to be Mark's wife) Sarah. Inevitably Mark soon became involved and a childhood friend of Kristy -Simon's wife - Scott agreed to help out with some keyboards (purely on a temporary basis) . A demo was recorded on a four track recorder with atari programmed drums. A taste of the band life proved too much to resist, Scott's arm was twisted until he agreed to join and friend Andy Whitingham was enlisted on drums a change of mood and a change of name followed, Love Lies Bleeding was born. Things changed and LLB went from the drawing board to the stage, and recorded their first Demo (Mirror, Everything, Angry Again) and as things became busier Andy decided he could not carry on due to other commitments. A friend of a friend Adam Gallagher took the job and brought with him ideas and personality, time for a new name, Autumn which lasted for a couple of gigs then after days of searching Fire Fly was plucked from the dictionary. Easter 1999 Fire Fly recorded their first CD "Swings and Roundabouts" (Letter to a Friend, Crowded Room, Nostalgia, Engraved, Angry Again). This recording marked a new chapter and opened a lot of doors for the band. The recording received favourable reviews airplay across the world and soon fire fly were playing across the country and a far a field as Holland and Northern Ireland. 2001. With the success of "swings" the band planned to record their first full length album but before they made it to the studio the band found themselves once again without a drummer. Terl Bryant (iona) agreed to play on the recording but offered to put word out amongst the psalm drummers network to find a full time replacement. Within a week Ben Griffiths came with his wife Clare and a car full of drums to try out for the band . Before he knew it was in the studio as part of Fire Fly recording "Beauty for Ashees". So that is how Fire Fly became what they are - what ever that is. Since that point fire fly's reputation has grown, they have played to many ear, in all kinds of places of varying aromas across the world.

So why do they bother? Well it keeps them off the streets, it saves them the effort of coming up with another hobby. But those of you whom have come in contact with fire fly will know that the music is secondary. Their faith is what is most important to them. This may not be a very fashionable stance, but quite frankly they couldn't give a stuff! Without Jesus they could not exist, and their relationship with him gives them strength and healing in every aspect of their lives. They are still frail human beings, they make spectacular mistakes on a daily basis. When God moves through the stuff they do as fire fly it is not because of some level they have reached or some strength they possess. It is only because at times they stand aside and make room for him to move despite their weakness. He makes our weakness strength, our shortcomings his opportunities. Jesus has paid the price with his blood, the great exchange, beauty for ashes. He knows everything about you and he loves you, you are beautiful and don't let anyone tell you any different! Fire Fly is an act of worship to our God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. .