Fire in the Kitchen

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Performing under the Fire In The Kitchen (FITK) moniker since 2012, songwriter, guitarist and founder Aaron Blackerby has seen the concept evolve from a fledgling Americana group to a solid and determined rock n' roll force!

Through persistence and hard work (and extensive Texas touring), Blackerby has shaped Fire In The Kitchen into a must see to believe outfit; drawing inspiration from Vampire Weekend, Folk Family Revival, Kopecky Family Band and Lord Huron, in addition to stand-up comedians ( self-deprecating humore and an effortless ease on stage mark Blackerby as one made for the limelight)

During 2013, Blackerby took his frustrations with lineup changes and artistic differences amongst members of group and decided to take Fire in the Kitchen in a new direction, after stumbling upon Folk Family Revival's Unfolding LP.

Blackerby sought out producer Jeffery Armstreet (Magnolia Red Records, Red Tree Recording Studio) and spent the better half of the year consulting with Armstreet on the sound, tone and image of the band. Blackerby acknowledges this period of collaboration with Armstreet as a turning point for FITK and the moment where he fully realized his direction as a songwriter and artist. The resulting work is "The Kingdom is Dead" EP. .