Fire on Dawson

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Fire on Dawson is an Indo / German rock band from Karlsruhe, Germany active since the fall of 2006.

Since its formation, Fire on Dawson has released one full length studio album 'Prognative' on October 30, 2009, and one EP 'Seven Symptoms'.

Fire on Dawson's current line-up founder and bassist Martin Sonntag, guitarist Markus Stricker, drummer Max Siegmund and Indian vocalist Ankur Batra. Former members include co-founders Moritz Lietzenmeyer and Nicolas Morales Ocampo.

As each member is from a different musical and cultural background, it was imperative for the band not to confine themselves to one particular direction of music but basically explore anything that would sound good. This lead to the eliminatation any sort of monotony thus helping the band achieve a unique progressive and alternative rock sound. The energy and atmosphere created during live performances is second to none which thereby adheres the band to all kinds of audiences. With their debut full length 'Prognative', the Indian frontman and the German-Chilean instrumentalists express their art with the 13 songs. 7 months of studiowork and mastering in Hollywood by Stephen Marsh (Incubus, Staind, Korn etc..) add to the band's Internationality, promising the listener an emotional, reflective and highly satisfying journey.

"Fire On Dawson might sound similar to a lot of American rock bands, if they didn’t demonstrate so much more range than most of them! Alternating dynamically from lush soundscapes and intimate moments to deep, hard, in-your-face thunder; on ‘Prognative’ Fire On Dawson maintains throughout a lyrical captivation that carries the listener up, down and side-to-side. Making for an impressive debut release, this record covers a lot of musical and emotional ground, and deftly so."
–Stephen Marsh

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