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Scoobie Do is a band from Japan, consisting of Koyama Shuu (コヤマ シュウ) on vocals; Matsuki Taijirou (マツキ タイジロウ) on guitar; Nagaiake Joe (ナガイケ ジョー) on bass; and Okamoto "MOBY" Takuya (オカモト"MOBY"タクヤ), or AFROMAN, on drums.

They first gathered in 1995 and formed what would become Scoobie Do. First release from the band was the 7inch single "Yuuyake no Melody (夕焼けのメロディ)" in 1999. Soon they reached a relative famous status on the Japanese indies panel, and signed a contract with major label SPEED STAR RECORDS in 2002 (being first major release the mini-album "Get Up").

Their song "Akaneiru ga Moeru Toki" from the "Kaze no Koibito/Akaneiru ga Moeru Toki (風の恋人 / 茜色が燃えるとき)" single was used as ending of anime series "GUNGRAVE".

In 2007 they made a collaboration with the JPop singer Ami Suzuki (鈴木亜美) with the song "Dancin' Little Women". .

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