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There are multiple artists by the name of Juju. 1) American Rapper/Producer The Beatnuts - Junkyard Juju 2) Finnish rapper, who mixes Hiphop and Reggae sounds 3) Japanese pop/R&B singer-songwriter 4) American Jazz group 5) A Drum ´n´ Bass / Dubstep producer 6) Dutch Hip hop producer 7) Mid 70's afrobeat group from Mozambique 8) American post-punk/darkwave group 1) Juju aka Junkyard Juju is a Producer / Rapper from Queens, New York and 1/2 of the The Beatnuts. The Beatnuts are 1 of the most legendary Hip Hop production crews of All-Time. With production from all the legends of Hip...
Jujuba delivers an infectious, danceable, and funky style of Nigerian Juju and Afrobeat music. Mixing in elements from other West African influences including highlife, jazz, funk, reggae, Afro-Cuban and samba .
Found 192 songs, duration: 12:03:57
Black Juju
My Sabbath Vein
Live Bitch
Ain't Gonna Wait
Quizas, Quizas, Quizas
Rollin 2015
JuJu On The Beat
Space Travel
Saturday Night
Let's Talk
Stand Firm
Mobile Suited
Tell Me Baby
Things Need Testing
African Rhythms
The Troublemakers
Another Day
People's Republic
Juju Com Lente
Catching Fire
Ich müsste lügen
Juju On That Beat (Trap Marimba Remix)