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The Moog Cookbook is the name of an electronica band made up of Brian Kehew and Roger Joseph Manning Jr. (under the aliases Meco Eno and Uli Nomi) as a parody/tribute to the novelty "Moog records" of the late 1960s and early 1970s. The duo performs exclusively on analog synthesizers, especially Moog synthesizers. The liner notes from their first album proudly proclaims "No MIDI". Moog Cookbook released two albums in the mid-1990s featuring instrumental cover versions of alternative and classic rock tracks performed on analog synthesizers. The pair reunited to record a track for the soundtrack of the 2004 film...
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Live Motivator (feat. B.Twice & Sharlok Poems)
Cookbook (Feat. Yo Gotti)
Street Sharks (feat. Joey the Jerk)
African Cookbook
Contest of Champions
Contest of Champions
Live for Today (feat. Cookbook)
Cookbook (Feat. Yo Gotti)
The Golden Age (feat. Cookbook)
The Dinah Shore Cookbook
Life (feat. Uno Mas, Cookbook & Sharlok Poems)
Look For The Cookbook
Diet Day Cookbook
So(ul) Free (feat. CookBook & Uno Mas)
Off Those Meds (feat. Cookbook & Ahmad)
Cookbook (feat. Ben Sleep)
The Cookbook Photo
The Champagne Cookbook
African Cookbook (Feat. Manu Dibango)
Trash Can Bingo
Breaston Recipe Castle
Unstoppable (feat. Kiz Charismatic)
The Darkest Creepiest Night
Uncut (feat. L.A. Symphony)
Day and Night (feat. Kiz Charismatic)
Alex's Meatballs
Salmon Fillet
Stereo-Types Intro
Easy Hard Cider
Chinese Food Pizza
Starship Oleracea
3AM Breakfast
Captain Vegetable
Brownsville C.A.
Not Into Games
While They Slept