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GTA may refer to several artists: 1) a hip-hop group from Oxford - U.K. Formed of Junior Doctor Chima Anya and Ineff, established in 2004 - they consider themselves "Hip-hop's last chance" . 2) Breakbeat and jungle project of DJ Uncle Noah. Originally named "DTA" to stand for 'Davis Techno Alliance' - an homoage to DJs Jeyson and Marcone/Hannibal Selecta who Uncle Noah met in Davis, CA. The project was renamed "GTA" upon settling in southern California. 3) Hard house artist. It may also refer to a popular video game soundtrack. If so please fix your tags. .
Vágtázó Halottkémek ('Galloping Coroners') is a Hungarian rock band, inspired by the ancient culture of the magyars and huns for its music. The music of the VHK is called to life by the attraction of the completion of life. It is a natural music, born by the creative power of Nature. In the sense as Bela Bartok wrote: "the ethnic music is a natural phenomenon, the result of the formative activity of the unconsciously active natural force". The deepest self-expression reaches back to this natural, cosmic force and has an elementary, magical power. This is why we call the music...
Bergtatt are a folk/rock band from the Risør kommune of Norway. Their debut album, Røtter, is a mix of traditional Norwegian folk songs (with a Swedish song, namely "Bläck") played in a hard-rock fashion, and originals by the band. They have shown in this effort that folk music is indeed still relevant, and the truth of this is self-evident. All lyrics, excepting "Bläck," are in Norwegian, in their dialect. Their websites are and .
Ringtailed Snorter was a solo-project by André Schmechta (of X Marks the Pedwalk fame), the first song of which was written as a tribute to a friend who had died. Ringtailed Snorter differs from X Marks the Pedwalk in its use of "clean structures" and "minimal soundscapes to leave more [space in] the minds of the audience." Ringtailed Snorter DISCOGRAPHY: * Revealing Obstacles, 1992, CD * Sexual Child Abuse, 1993, CD * Look Back in the Mirror, 1998, CD .
From the very beginning of its history, Pop music has always felt something more for siblings. It is good news then as Joséphine and Alexandre De La Baume, whose band could be one of a kind among 2012’s Pop music billboard charts, are actually brother and sister. Unlike the Gallaghers, there is not much chance that one would throw his guitar in the other’s face in the backstage, right after a missed gig. First of all because their shows are great. Then because Joséphine and Alexandre, who, together, make up one half of a century, are intimate and they complete...
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